The First Microbrewery

in Myanmar

Burbrit is Myanmar's first microbrewery that creates natural freshly-brewed craft beer, available only in small batches.
Passion for Brewing
Using malts from Germany and hops from America, we brew fresh, nutritious, delicious, pure and natural beer that is good for your health and palates. The only ingredient you will taste in our beer in addition to malt, hop, yeast and water is our passion.

Myanmar Joins

the Craft Beer Revolution

In the wake of the global craft beer revolution, Burbrit Myanmar's first microbrewery was founded by a group of beer enthusiasts in 2016.Beer lovers in Myanmar have since embraced flavourful, artisanal craft beers scented with exotic hop aroma.


Would-be founders of Burbrit discovered craft beer in Singapore in late 1990s. After a few years of living Friday evenings on a liquid diet, we thought we should be given shares in the brewpub we were frequenting on a frequent drinker basis. Needless to say we were rudely rejected, leading to the first idea of founding our own microbrewery at several exotic locations such as Phuket, Pattaya and Bali. It was at that time more of fantasy rather than a serious plan. Some 15 years later with two of the founders moving back to Yangon from Singapore, the idea of pursuing a microbrewery project turned from fantasy in to something remotely possible. After a couple of years of research, with a sketch of what would later become a business plan, founders released that it was very difficult to get a brewing licence in Myanmar. A crazy idea of brewing without a licence was dismissed along the way. Instead,