Would-be founders of Burbrit discovered craft beer in Singapore in late 1990s. After a few years of living Friday evenings on a liquid diet, we thought we should be given shares in the brewpub we were frequenting on a frequent drinker basis. Needless to say we were rudely rejected, leading to the first idea of founding our own microbrewery at several exotic locations such as Phuket, Pattaya and Bali. It was at that time more of fantasy rather than a serious plan.

Some 15 years later with two of the founders moving back to Yangon from Singapore, the idea of pursuing a microbrewery project turned from fantasy in to something remotely possible. After a couple of years of research, with a sketch of what would later become a business plan, founders released that it was very difficult to get a brewing licence in Myanmar. A crazy idea of brewing without a licence was dismissed along the way. Instead, they sent a letter to authorities to ask for permission to brew in the name of craft beer, though they did not expect to hear back.

After no news for several months, we were suddenly summoned by the authorities in latter half of 2015 to be notified that our request was declined. Without tak ing “No” for an answer, we appealed against the decision in late 2015. To our great surprise and immeasurable delight, the authorities, this time, gave us the permission to actually apply formally for a brewing license.

Our brewing license was eventually issued, almost two years from our initial application, in the middle of 2016. The brewery was set up in North Dagon Industrial zone in the second half of 2016 and our first brew was savored in December 2016 celebrating 500 years anniversary of Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law). We opened the doors of the Tasting Room @ the Brewery to the customers on 20th January 2017.

It was something else, not Burbrit in the beginning. However, we had to abandon the first brand name when we realised it was already registered with trademark office in Myanmar. A search for a new brand name pursued. We were urged by trademark lawyers to come up with a new name that we can own rather than adopt geographical and animal names that most beer brands use.

Burbrit was the last of several names shortlisted, and, initially was not the most popular among the founders largely because of its novelty. It took us several weeks to get used to the sound of the name.

Burbrit in one sense celebrates the influence of the British in brewing beer in Burma. In another sense, it communicates the founders’ countries of origin, Burma and Britain.

We started with a 5HL brewhouse and with a monthly brewing capacity of 3,000 liters in 2016. In 2020, we upgraded to 20HL brew-house and increased our capacity to 45,000 liters per month. Our current capacity in 2022 is 100,000 liters per month.

Our brewery is equipped with kegging, canning and bottling capabilities. To reduce processing time and improve our yield, we decided to get a centrifuge and we have loved the results ever since. Additionally, a pasteurizing system is available for those beers meant for long-term storage and mass distribution.

Our Milestone


Our first brewery was set up in North Dagon Industrial Zone in Yangon, Myanmar.


We opened the doors of our very first Taproom.


Our second Taproom followed and Burbrit craft beers became available in both cans and bottles.


Our beers are available at over 50 outlets including restaurants, bars and supermarkets and in over some major cities in Myanmar.


We organised the first Craft Beer Festival in Myanmar, together with other 8 microbreweries from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.


Our third and fourth Taprooms in Myanmar were opened.


Burbrit opened its first Taproom in Thailand at Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok. Another Taproom at Ekkamai followed a few months later.